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Soothe, relieve, treat, and prevent diaper rash with the #1 pediatrician recommended diaper rash brand​1


Maximum amount of zinc oxide (40%) available without a prescription¹

DESITIN® Maximum Strength immediately forms a protective barrier to help heal and soothe diaper rash discomfort. In a clinical study, 90% of babies with diaper rash had noticeable relief within 12 hours of use. DESITIN® Maximum Strength Original Paste is so effective in sealing out wetness and irritants that in many cases, diaper rash starts to disappear in hours.

What causes diaper rash?

The primary cause of diaper rash is prolonged and increased exposure to wetness.1

Other factors may include2:

  • The closed, moist environment created by the diaper
  • Chafing from friction or the body rubbing against the diaper
  • Prolonged contact of the skin with urine, feces, or both

Help mom protect baby’s delicate skin²

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  • Do not apply baby’s diaper too tightly
  • Change wet or soiled diaper right away
  • Allow diaper area to dry before applying a new diaper
  • Protect baby’s skin with a diaper rash product
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New foods

  • Introducing solid foods can change baby’s stool, increasing the chance of diaper rash
  • Changes in baby’s diet can also increase stool frequency, increasing the chance of diaper rash
  • If baby is breastfed, changes in mom’s diet can also increase the chance of diaper rash
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Antibiotic use

  • Taking antibiotics may cause yeast infections in babies, which increase the chance of diaper rash
  • If mom takes an antibiotic, it may also increase the risk of baby developing diaper rash
20% reduction in just 3 hours

DESITIN® provides rapid relief of diaper rash³*

DESITIN® Rapid Relief provides significant reductions (P=0.0001) in erythema after 1 diaper change

Blinded study conducted in children, 3-36 months of age, in good general health and wearing diapers 24 hours a day

20% reduction of erythema in approximately 3 (±1) hours following a single application

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